about x-ode

is an augmented reality view through which users can scan their physical surroundings to post new messages or look for existing messages , or markers of other users indicating a crossing of paths.

Tap on the screen within close range to create a new message
Aim at markers to open an existing message

is a geographic representation of all messages that have been posted. Using the timeline, messages from the past, present or future will appear.

Travel through the past, present and future with the dynamic timeline

is a relational graph of a user’s community. As other users are anonymously identified by a 3 letter code XYZ, a user can change it to a more suggestive name.

Tap on a 3 letter code to rename unknown passers-by in your community

Message marker
User marker

You crossed paths with another user
You intersected with another user’s message or vice-versa
Messages related to one another
Invitation to a message from or to another user

You had a written interaction with this user
You had a proximity interaction with this user
You had both a proximity and written interaction with this user
You had neither a proximity nor a written interaction with this user